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Switzerland has great ambitions to go digital. The country released a digital manifesto in November 2016 with eight points to help it play a worldwide leading role in digital transformation. Digitization concerns all parts of life, but the financial sector is currently in the eye of the tornado. For a while now FinTech startups have Continue Reading

FinTech Made in Switzerland (2016) is the first documentary film about Swiss FinTech. It offers a glimpse into how the traditional bankers’ nation is coming to terms with technological change and plans to catch up in the digital future. Filmmaker and economist Manuel Stagars made interviews with heads of digital banking from major Swiss banks, Continue Reading

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by Manuel Stagars, CFA, CAIA, ERP Announcing the demise of the financial system as we know it has become popular in the aftermath of the Great Recession. In fact, the Financial Times has dedicated an entire series to the topic, aptly named Death of Banks, wherein author Izabella Kaminska chronicles the downfall of traditional banking. Continue Reading